The Diabetic Foot


The Diabetic Foot


There  are three forms of diabetic foot affection

  • Diabetic foot infection
    There is microbial infection with swelling and redness of the foot as well as pus
    formation .There is fever and may be septicemia. It needs urgent drainage.
  • Diabetic neuropathy
    There is nerve affection ,with ulcers at the pressure points.Thls needs a long time for
    healing with special off-loading boots & insoles.
  • Diabetic ischemia
    There is occlusion of the main arteries supplying the foot which might lead to gangreneF1.large
    lt needs  revacularisation  by balloon angioplasty & , or stunting as any ischemic limb.
    The three forms might be combined. The worst combination is
    ischemia & infection.
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