arterial occlusion


arterial occlusion



Atherosclerosis is the main cause. this is deposition of fast in the wall of the arteries leading to its occlusion. this is increased by smoking , as well as in diabetes & hypertension.


information of the wall of the arteries as in some autoimmune diseases as rheumatoid arthritis & lupus


Congenital disease (popliteal entrapment, adventitial cystic disease)



At the start the is cramp like pain on walking,either in the calf ,thigh or foot on waking for about 100-200 meters .      this decreases by time to a few feet when when the case becomes more severe.

Next there will be severe , intolerable pain at rest , depriving the patient from sleep.

In the severe cases there will be gangrene of the foot , with inflammation & ulceration that might lead
to amputation.

-Coloured Doppler ultrasound.
-CT angiography ( without affecting the kidney functions.slide_2


 Without surgery
By the use of balloon angioplasty eSp. the drug elluting balloons.
Also, by the use of stent eSp. the smart stents.

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