Increase in the diameter of the artery ( being like a balloon ) to the extent that it may rupture.


Weakening of the wall of the arteries mainly by atherosclerosis,as well as some autoimmune
diseases as “Behcet‘s disease”.

Affected arteries:Aneurysm-3pic

Mainly the abdominal & thoracic aorta as well as the extremity arteries 



Usually accidentally discovered during routine ultrasound checkups or investigations for other
diseases of the elderly as prostatic enlargement. Sometimes it cause abdominal as well as low
back pain.

The size of the aneurysm is best determined by ultrasound as well as CT angiography,the latter
is mandatory for planning the treatment.


Treatment is required only when the size is 5cm or above.

This is done without surgery by the use of endografts as EVAR and FEVAR.

in complicated cases involving the renal & mesenteric vessels we use various forms of branched
and fenestrated endografts to maintain blood flow to these vital organs.

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